Weekly Concept Art Issue #2

April 29, 2016
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April 29, 2016 dark

Weekly Concept Art Issue #2

Hello again everyone, and welcome to Issue #2 of the Dark Storm Concept Art.

Last week we introduced a few more eerie pictures. Some of you may have been thinking. “Well that’s great, but where are the guns?! It wouldn’t be a stealth action without an array of weaponry!” And you’d be right!

So this week, that’s what we’re bringing you. Feast your eyes and decide which one is your poison.

(Please remember all things are still a work in progress, and may be changed by release)

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

Sniper Rifles are always my bread and butter, however as you can see we have an assortment of weapons to choose from.

User Posted Image
(Note the Shotgun in the concept has been changed to an “energy” like weapon. A different shotgun will be taking its place)

User Posted Image

As you can see, we plan on having many attachments for every weapon as well.

Weapons which we plan for but are not included in this Issue, is a crossbow, various explosive devices, and grenades.

Feel free to put your input below!

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